The world has come into an era where the majority aspects of lives are being digitalized since the invention of the internet, while the advent of the blockchain technology in recent years revolutionizes the world moving towards decentralization. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is such an example. It is nature that digitalization & decentralization further evolves into a new era of digital sociality where people can access virtual spaces and interact with other people who aren’t in the same physical space, the so-called Metaverse. Inside the metaverse, one can work, play, shop and so on, a space where the digital and physical worlds converge. Under this circumstance, services are essential to connections among people; which is where Metavice (Meta-service) comes into play. Metavice endeavors to create decentralized services for people to utilize and to live on.

SERVE is the native token for the Metavice Network. SERVE aims at generating universal basic income (UBI) for everyday people through developing decentralized services and financial platform, without the need of interference by intermediary. SERVE sets its goal across multiple chains and in an ecosystem of passive income aggregator.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has faced huge growth in 2020. Since then a variety of protocols have been added to the DeFi ecosystem that enabled users to gain returns over their assets. This composes a portion of ”stable” returns for people during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, however, majority of the DeFi platform operates in a closed system, including those systems on the basis of liquidity farming and staking. Liquidity farming and staking in the rewards of the token itself, although at the first look it creates the liquidity flow in connection of users with the DeFi system, inevitably falls to a downtrend due to cashing out the rewarded tokens.

In order to develop a sustainable ecosystem, it is crucial to build an open system, i.e., interaction of the system with the whole crypto world and everyday’s utilities. SERVE, like the way it is called, endeavors development of a decentralized platform for everyday people through the following three aspects:

  • Phase I
    Build a DeFi platform including swap, liquidity farming & staking. This is an initiative of the system and foundation going towards a complex ecosystem.
  • Phase II
    Build Decentralized Services (dSVs); in one hand, users interact with dSV providers to earn incomes; in the other hand, the dSV itself interacts crypto projects to generate project-basis incomes which will be back to the SERVE community via ServeDAO (DAO, decentralized autonomous organization). All of these together compose a sustainable ecosystem; ServeDAO is planned to be developed to serve for such purposes.
  • Phase III
    Build a multi-chain ecosystem consisting of dSV apps deployed across multiple blockchains, as well as bridges between those apps to allow for the seamless flow of liquidity & dSVs across isolated services.