What is SERVE?

SERVE is the utility token of the Metavice network - a service provider for Metaverse. SERVE aims at generating universal basic income (UBI) for everyday people through developing decentralized financial platform and services, without the need of interference by intermediary. SERVE sets its goal across multiple chains and in an ecosystem of passive income aggregator, to become a DeFi platform (ServeSwap), a decentralized service provider (ServeDAO), and a multi-chain ecosystem.

Decentralized Solutions

Decentralized & Multi-Chain Services

A multi-chain ecosystem consisting of dSV apps deployed across multiple blockchains, as well as bridges between those apps to allow for the seamless flow of liquidity & dSVs across isolated services.

Universal Basic income (UBI) Programs

Subsidize funding reserve for UBI through ServeDAO which makes decisions on token distributions to millions of users.

Liquidity Farming & Staking

Incentive to liquidity providers and stakers to deposit their assets into the network. Anyone can farm and stake SERVE when they interact with the platform.

Trading Platform

One International marketplace that combines online store and services around the world. Buy any goods or services with our tokens.


Economic Model

SERVE is positioned for community-led growth, development, and self-sustainability. SERVE is introduced to serve this purpose, enabling ownership of everyday people and a dedicated governance system. Towards this promise, SERVE builds a healthy ecosystem and dedicates to the protocol development and a self-sustainable infrastructure.

Decentralized Services (dSVs)
We believe the crypto economy is going towards decentralizing real entities. dSV is one of such efforts we will focus on. This enables activity-based rewards for people to earn basic incomes.

Universal Basic Income (UBI)
UBI is a protocol on the SERVE providing daily income for people regardless of their employment status. UBI will be one such a type of the sources – unconditional payments to live in a severe situation.

Price Stabilization
We endeavor to build a healthy ecosystem by creating self-sustainable economics.

DiFi Platform
The targeted DiFi services on SERVE include swap, liquidity farming, staking, etc.


SERVE is developing multi-chain decentralized services, powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

Concept development
  • Project Research and Planning Begins
  • Conceptualization of the SERVE
  • Code development
SERVE Launch
  • Main Contract Deployment
  • DEX Launch
  • Whitepaper V1 release
  • Website & Social Media Profiles
  • Trading Platform Launch
DeFi Services
  • Yield Farming Launch
Whitepaper V2
  • Whitepaper V2 Release
DeFi Services
  • Staking Launch
Market Adoption
  • Market Promotion & Adoption Commence
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko
Price Stabilization Program
  • Price Stabilization Program Commences
  • CEX Exchange Listing
dSVs Launch
  • UBI Program Commences
  • Decentralized Services Launch
  • ServeDAO Launch
Multi-Chain Services
  • Multi-Chain dSVs Launch
UBI Updates
  • UBI Program Review & Updates
More Features
  • Bridge Polkadot Protocol
  • Cross-Chain Services
  • ......


The team has been with crypto-technology since 2013. Since then, the team has been developing blockchain products and driving coin development for more than 6 years. The team now takes advantage of blockchain knowledge to explore the smart contract platform. These joint experiences lead to creative concepts and building novel dSVs & DeFi products down the road. The team currently consists of three members, specializing in core code development, technology & conceptualization, and marketing.

Contact team co-funder: Jason (jsword95@serve.network).

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